Dr. Dean’s in Great Shape

belt.jpgI snoozed on this all week, but this comes from Wednesday’s Times article,
Remains of Dean’s Long-Missing Brother Found by Jodi Wilgoren and Michael Slackman:
Every day on the campaign trail, Howard Dean wears an unfashionable black belt that belonged to his younger brother Charlie, a silent memorial to the man who vanished while traveling the Mekong River 29 years ago… Dr. Dean has worn the black leather belt with the large, silver-rimmed holes for at least 20 years, and counts his brother’s death as a watershed that made him more serious about his own future.
How many middle aged men can say they’ve been able to wear the same belt for 20 years? Oh, and it’s a shame about his brother, too.
[Yes, I know that the belt on the left is brown with a brass buckle.]