Reports of Her Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

courtney1.jpgCourtney, we really, really knew ye.
You know that totally narcissistic fantasy you have about being able to attend your own funeral and hear what everyone has to say about you? (You know, like this guy.) Well, the girl with the most cake gets to have that experience without all the messy details of dying first.
This week, The Stranger looks back at the life of Courtney Love from her musical legacy to her amazing Hollywood make-over. There’s also a peak at new Loves and a celebrity humurist/eulogist to crack wise. (David Kamp wasn’t free, so they got this dude.)
It’s sad. She had so much to live for, but I guess she just couldn’t live through this.*
* Please don’t post that Courtney, as of 8AM EST is still alive. I get the joke, okay?

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I’m sure that, in print, the spread makes for nice local shock value on Mr. Savage Love’s part, but seems disappointingly blah as online fodder. Neal Karlen’s years-old book on the band Babes in Toyland is probably a more entertaining read at this point, to contemplate what Courtney once wrought …

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