lbj-at-desk.jpgWho knew trash-documentary producer Nick Broomfield was such a history buff? It just has to be the crazy and conspiratorial Broomfield who produced a documentary that aired on the History Channel last night entitled, “The Men Who Killed Kennedy: The Guilty Men,” which alleges that Lyndon Johnson was somehow involved in the assassination of President Kennedy 40 years ago.
Wait, sorry. It turns out one “Nigel Turner” produced this edifying film for the History Channel, but LBJ’s presidential foundation is pretty plum pissed off regardless of its origin. Apparently having learned nothing from the conservative task force that set out (and subsequently succeeded) in preventing this month’s airing of CBS’s “controversial” Reagan miniseries, Johnson’s family members and former aides had the temerity to allow this thing to air!
According to an AP story, LBJ Foundation Chairman Tom Johnson stated, “We left the decision on editorial content and accuracy up to the History Channel.” What a nimrod!
“He and Jack Valenti, another former Johnson staff member and current president of the Motion Picture Association of America, issued a joint statement on behalf of the Johnson family and others.
‘Sadly, President Johnson and the staff members who are wrongly smeared by the conspiracy theorists are no longer alive to defend themselves,’ the statement said. ‘In televising this production, The History Channel has distorted history beyond recognition.'”
Tom Johnson, incidentally, is not related to the former president. He is, however, “a former president and CEO of CNN.” This probably has nothing to do with the foundation’s going after the A&E-owned History Channel.
That would be both crazy and conspiratorial.