Spike Lee’s attorneys, will you please do the right thing and sue these people?

Yes, Fair Use and parody and the First Amendment and blah, blah, blah. Why can’t editors—and members of a publication’s art department—be arrested and jailed for stunts like this? I mean, can’t we at least fine them for thought crimes or something?
Let’s hope that the litigious Mr. Lee does the right thing and Spikes this in a court of law. Is The Jewish Journal finally getting their revenge on Lee for the allegedly anti-Semitic portrayal of Jews in Mo’ Better Blues, or are they just idiots?
[Thanks Marc Weisblott!]

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Sadly, you can’t sue for this, unless you want to lower yourself to the level of people like those who sue owners of parody sites, claiming copyright infringement. After all, if the Jewish Journal could be sued for referring to Spike Lee’s words, why couldn’t George Orwell’s estate sue you for using the term “thought crimes”?
If we are to live in a free society, we must accept the good and the bad. The cover is in poor taste, but you can’t legislate away all the things you don’t like. Isn’t it simpler to just say “bad joke” and forget about it?

i am guessing, or at least hoping, though this wasnt SUPERSUPERSUPER bold print clear, that matt was joking about calling for a lawsuit, hence the first clause in the first sentence.
this is a ‘copyleft’ site after all.

I was not calling for a lawsuit, I was settling on one since we can’t arrest or fine the people behind this. Civil court is a last resort, after the criminal justice system fails

You guys are starting to sound like Bill O’Reilly, who recently found out that limp parody is not punishable by law.

look out for these upcoming issues: She’s Gotta Have Yid, Matzo X, Shule Days, He Got Goyim, 25th Hora… somebody stop me!

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