Headless Prez in Topless Mag

bush-topless-censored.jpgBrace yourself for the most embarrassing interview by a G.O.P. politician to appear in a porn mag since Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in Oui two decades ago…
Washington Post White House correspondent Dana Milbank, who’s received some praise here before on at least a few occasions, has fallen a bit short with today’s piece detailing President Bush’s gift of an all-too-rare exclusive print interview with a Rupert Murdoch-owned topless tabloid in the UK.
The article’s good enough, mind you, and does a good job of illustrating the fact that it’s a bit hypocritical for this most Christian of presidents to be appearing in a paper that features nude women and Enquirer-type stories…it’s just the headline that misses its mark. The Post goes with “Prez in Topless Tabloid,” which, though theoretically meant to parody the headlines of the tabloid in question, comes off more like an Army Archerd-esque Variety lead.
Come on, Dana…be a little more adventurous! “Boobs, Bullies, and Bollocks: Bush meets Blair,” for starters. Or “Dish n’ Hips,” perhaps. Or even the oh-so-blunt “Topless Girls–Featuring Bush!”
We here at low culture know you’ve got a sense of humor, Dana. Check out your closing paragraph:
After McClellan’s bombshell at yesterday’s briefing, this correspondent asked whether the other publications present would get Bush interviews if they ran nude photos. “I hope you’re not talking about yourself,” McClellan replied.

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Actually, it’d be the copy editors who write headlines at newspapers, not the article writer. And often the copy editors are challenged by space … just to be fair.

this is a ridiculous comment–it really doesn’t matter who actually wrote the headline; in fact, it’s completely beside the point. what’s more interesting is the fact that milbank’s article (despite its pretenses for critiquing Bush’s agreement to do the interview) directly caters to the increased demand on the part of the public for tits and ass to spice up american politics.

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