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parisfrenchie.gifThis message is intended for FOX Entertainment President, Gail Berman, but you can read it, too.
Why on earth isn’t FOX condemning Paris Hilton and distancing itself from her like they did when it was revealed that “Frenchie” Davis, of American Idol had posed topless (and masturbated) for a porn site called Daddy’s Little Girls? (No link here, you can find it yourself.) If an over-weight Black girl with an amazing singing voice does some softcore to make some money, she’s a whore. But if a white, spoiled, anorectic cave bitch who’s never had a job in her life allegedly appears in ten hardcore tapes, she’s just a lovable wild child, someone who needs to learn about The Simple Life?
Talk about hypocrisy!
And don’t tell me there’s a difference because Paris never got paid for her dirty work: Sarah Kozer got paid for her foot fetish films, yet she was still a finalist on Joe Millionaire. (As did Kozer’s suitor, the similarly hotel-product-placement named Evan Marriott for his softcore early work.) So, Gail: these untalented white people can do porn and demi-porn and still appear on your air but Frenchie couldn’t? Try explaining that to Bernie Mac at the FOX Christmas party this year.

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Though not entirely incorrect, I think you might have preferred to say “anorexic” instead of “anorectic.” They are in some sense synonymous, but the primary meaning of “anorectic” is not a person with anorexia, but rather a substance that causes decreased appetite. On the other hand, both words might apply to Ms. Hilton equally…
Your “helpful” “copy editor”
p.s. to describe Hilton as both “white” and a “cave bitch” seems redundant. Are there any non-white cave bitches?

We don’t actually know what “cave bitch” means, but rest assured, if white girls are “cave bitches”, black girls can be too! Unless cave bitch means, you know, “white girl.”

Oh, and “anorectic” is actually the preferred medical term. “Anorexic” only came into being as the made-up adjectival form of the illness “anorexia” — it’s not a real word, even if it’s the most common choice of laypersons.
–A far, far superior copyeditor. Far!

We’re sorry…had we known anyone was menacing you, we would have whapped them with our Merriam-Webster immediately.
The song is interesting….though since he specifies “white cave bitch” the first time, I’d still say Infirm is wrong — or at least that the author of the term did not feel that specifying exactly to what sort of “cave bitch” he was referring was redundant.

Seems simple enough to me: Frenchie didn’t have the money to do much about getting tossed, and Paris, well, she’s never had to have a job. ‘Nuff said.
Is America’s Funniest Home Videos still on?

Yes, because that board would shortly enter someone’s anorectal area.
Okay, Infirm — you’re looking at one of those fake Merriam-Webster’s that just licensed the name. Or else you’ve misunderstood — “anorexic” could always refer to the condition correctly (anorexic state), just not the person (anorexic bitch). Worse yet, you’re using some stupid online service. Maybe you’re just dumb. But really, look it up IN A PAPER DICTIONARY and you’ll see our particular usage is very recent. And that you’re wrong. Very, very wrong. As wrong as an anorectic sneakin’ a Twinkie come sundown.

All right, appallingly middle child. We’ll stop. I was actually sort of teasing, except about the online dictionaries part. (Those are COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.) Infirm, you know I was teasing you, right? Come out from under the table.

Thanks for the apology, Old Hag. But I thought I’d already conceded that your argument was meritorious. Since we agree that dictionaries are important, though, I hasten to add that my paper American Heritage tends to support your position, as well. My paper Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition (with the seal of authenticity), however, tracks the on-line language exactly.
But I do admit to a certain weakness for the on-line dictionary, especially the charming pronunciation feature, that can be coaxed with minimal effort to say various naughty words. (WARNING: clicking on these links will cause an amusingly anodyne voice to say cuss words. Don’t click if that sort of thing might be inappropriate to your present situation.)

I think there is a slight difference between doing a porno movie for money and making a home porn that is sold by your scummy boyfriend.

infirm, they called Paris white to highlight the fact that Frenchie is black and appeared in pornographic material and was completely ostracized, whilst the other women were white and suffered little disrespect.

Oh, and the PC thug definition for anorectic is an athelete with an ‘eating’ disorder who uses their sport as their main means to control their weight. Think ballerinas, ice skaters, etc.

can yall not talk like normal americans?? and wat the fuck is the point of arguing over this bullshit in the 1st place? let it go man, let it go..

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