“Do I look fat in this, mom?”

truffleshuffle1.jpgWhy does Ronald McDonald hate your kid so much?
First, he made your kid fat with his super-size fries, now he wants you to dress him or her up in embarrassing McDonald’s-branded clothing.
According to The Post, “The clothing line will consist of cotton tops and casual pants, not T-shirts emblazoned with the Golden Arches, Howard said. In fact, some of the clothes will only carry the McKids logo on the inside label.”
Maybe they should just print targets all over it, because any kid caught wearing that crap will surely be pummeled by lunchtime. They might also succeed with WIDE LOAD printed on the back.
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One reply on ““Do I look fat in this, mom?””

Okay, the Mckids line of clothes has been out for a long time. It is sold at a Mickey D’s bedfellow, Walmart.

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