You’re a lucky mother, Tucker

tuckercarlson.jpgWill the bias and the slander of the liberal media ever end? Sadly, not in our lifetime, as the new Mel Gibson movie and TV series prove.
And now this: today brings news that bow tie-loving conservative commentator Tucker Carlson has been given a new show by PBS scheduled to air sometime in June 2004. According to reports (translation: press releases spun into articles), the still-untitled show will be “a lively discussion of the week’s news stories from a wide range of perspectives.” So, I’m guessing it’s a lot like The Man Show meets This Week… with bow ties. I don’t know about you, but I’m setting my TiVo now!
Anyone have any suggestions for titles? I was thinking Nip/Tucker or maybe Tucker MC’s Call Me ‘Sire’ but both sort of suck. Little help? Anyone…

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