Women of the world, raise your middle finger

Not since Virginia Slims tried to connect smoking with women’s lib has an ad so offensively linked consumption with power as this new campaign from the white devils at A Diamond is Forever.
Since the Web site shortens the ad’s text, here it is from the print campaign:
Your left hand says ‘we.’ Your right hand says ‘me.’ Your left hand rocks the cradle. Your right hand rules the world. Women of the world, raise your right hand. A Diamond is Forever. The New Diamond Right Hand Ring. Romantic, Modern Vintage, Floral and Contemporary Styles at ADIAMONDISFOREVER.COM
That’s seriously fucked up. How about:
Our left hand says ‘greed.’ Our right hand says ‘monopoly.’ Our left hand held down the slave laborer working in the mine. Our right hand searched his ass for any contraband. Women of the world, raise your right hand in favor of exploitation.
Speaking of sparkly rocks of death, Black Table has an interview with Janine Roberts, author of Glitter & Greed: The Secret World of the Diamond Cartel on the very same topic today.

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I knew someone who worked on the DeBeers account at ad agency J. Walter Thompson and since it’s a cartel, all the meetings were in places like Bermuda or wherever cartels are welcomed.

I despise diamonds and everything about them.
How’s this for an ad copy:
“Your left hand represents the fact that you think a man owes you something, and it has to be big and worth $2000 to impress your friends even though youre only twenty and going to a community college and you work part-time at a fast-food restaurant.
Your right hand represents the hands missing on eight-year-old boys who work in the mines in Africa trying to support their mining families who get paid nothing while blowing a massive whole in our planet for whiny twenty-year-olds.”
How does that “ring”?

i think you negative nabobs (to flip the politico phrase) are missing the bigger picture. diamonds are pretty, and they symbolize love between two heterosexual partners who someday will despise one another.
let’s stamp out the anti-family initiatives! after all, love may fade, but diamonds are forever. cheers, madison ave.

There are a lot of us out there who did the “we” years. In my post-divorce 40’s, I rather like the idea of a right hand ring. I have now bought my own home, I have bought my own car. I don’t miss the ex-husband, but I do miss the rock. You can call me greedy. I call me honest. I’ll be buying one of those puppies.

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