Jesus “Hollow” Christ

passion-gibson-jesus-crucif.jpgI just can’t get enough exhilaratingly bizarro news about Mel Gibson’s upcoming The Passion of Christ, and I don’t even believe in God. But I do believe in crazy movie-making antics!
First, there was last week’s news that lead actor Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning while filming. OK, sure, I can buy that.
But then Variety‘s Army Archerd also reported last week that Gibson was using — get this — an animatronic, Jim Henson-esque robo-Christ to suspend from the cross for a number of scenes, since I guess being splayed out on behalf of sinners everywhere for extended periods of time made Jim “I’m no method actor” Caveziel uncomfortable. The virtual Jesus
“was created by Keith Vanderlaan’s Captive Audience F/X company which allowed Gibson to shoot long exterior shots in Italy because “Jim Caviezel couldn’t remain on the cross in that cold for hours with only a loin cloth.” According to Archerd, “the animatronically controlled head moves, the bleeding and beaten chest heaves… [with] special bloody prosthetic makeup appliances to be CGI’d on the figure of Jesus which is stripped down to the bone resulting from the ‘horrible instruments of torture.’.”
So what happens to this action-figure/son-of-god when shooting wraps? Does Mel Gibson get to keep his own, personal, Jesus? (That, by the way, is the second almost-unintentional Depeche Mode reference in this particular post, after the lead sentence. Won’t happen again.)

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i agree with the things you said. with gibson behind the wheel of this project he’s bound to keep it as a monument to have and to hold.
but who knows? maybe he’ll donate it to the chuck e. jesus pizza chapel. not that such a thing exists, but i figure it’s just a question of time.

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