Isn’t she lovely?

Elizabeth.jpgSpeaking of six months ago, Dateline has an interview with Elizabeth Smart tonight at 10PM EST on NBC.
Man, is she ever purdy or what? I mean, this kid’s been through hell and come face-to-face (and worse!) with the devil himself and yet she still radiates that wholesome all-American, girl next door glow. Attention editors of Cosmo Girl!, Seventeen and Teen Vogue (or at least the editor of the next Revolve): Put down your chai skim lattes, pick up the phone and get this girl on the cover of your magazine post haste. (Katie Couric, optional.)

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another young hottie post? i guess that’s what “shallow” is for. incidentally, elizabeth smart has apparently done wonders for the traffic on another blog, identity theory:
American compassion is all about what people want to look at. Every week without fail, someone finds Identity Theory by typing in some variant of “Elizabeth Smart nude.” You never hear about the poor ugly fat girl who gets kidnapped unless she dies in some hideous, unheard-of way at the hands of a serial killer. But when a rich blond pretty girl gets kidnapped, people suddenly care.

shit. you caught me. but the only reason i happened to be searching for that was because i was doing some research about how pete townsend might have found child porn while doing some research about it. honest.

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