How to write an obituary without breaking a sweat

rerun.jpgToday’s journalism lesson from The New York Post: How to write an obituary entirely from the Internet Movie Database.
From ’70s TV star ‘Rerun’ dies by Michael Starr
Berry, known for wearing colorful red suspenders and a jaunty red cap, was also known for his TV catchphrase “Hey, hey, hey!” which he shouted whenever he encountered his buddies on “What’s Happening!!” which ran on ABC from 1976-79.
From Biography for Fred Berry from IMDb
Continually wears a red beret as his character did in “Whats Happening”
Berry, who recently had a cameo in David Spade’s big-screen comedy “Dickie Roberts”
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star(2003) …. Himself
… aka Dickie Roberts: (Former) Child Star (2003)
After being canceled, the show returned six years later as “What’s Happening Now!!” for a short-lived run with most of the original cast, including Berry.
“What’s Happening Now!” (1985) TV Series …. Freddie Stubbs (segment “Rerun”) (1985-1986)
“What’s Happening!!” (1976) TV Series …. Fred ‘Rerun’ Stubbs
Berry, who was married six times to four different women (he married two women twice), battled a severe drug problem in the 1980s and, in 1990, was diagnosed with diabetes.
In 1990, when diagnosed by doctors with diabetes, he was told he had to lose weight or his life would be shortened. After placing himself on a strict regiment, he lost 108 pounds and 18 inches off his waist.
Has been married 6 times to four women. He married two women twice.
Berry later became a Baptist minister.
A Baptist minister.
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I believe it was Duane Wayne (played by Haywood Nelson) that said “Hey hey hey,” not Re-Run

I believe it was Duane Wayne (played by Haywood Nelson), not Re-Run, who said “Hey hey hey.” Re-Run danced around, that was his thing.

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