Mmmm… 64 individually wrapped slices of cheese(cake)

toronto9.jpgFor some reason, Yahoo felt the need to post 64 images of Scarlett Johansson today.
If you’re a man, comfort yourself with the fact that Scarlett told The Times recently: “Men have no aid to tell them that they’re getting older. They just see their bodies decaying. A young, fertile, fruitful woman can help you across that bridge.”
If you’re a woman, try not to hate her for saying, “For older women, death happens inside. What comes with that death is a kind of liberation.”
Scarlett Johansson will turn 19 on November 22.

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but where’s the photos of her and sofia coppola gettin’ it on all lesbo-style and shit? or footage of her eating garlic and farting in a schoolgirl outfit? and you’re telling me the whole time she was in japan she didn’t do any bukka… ‘kay, sorry, won’t go there.

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