You’d be cranky too if you made $2 an hour

Gothamist takes a look at verbal and physical assault complaints filed against taxi drivers in New York today. What the usually eagle-eyed Gothamist missed (or deemed unrelated) was this nugget from The Times Metro Briefing column:
CABDRIVERS’ GROUP THREATENS STRIKE… [citing] deteriorating conditions, higher gas and lease costs and a rate that sometimes pays drivers less than $2 per hour.
Two dollars an hour!?! I thought that people who did dangerous, unpleasant jobs were supposed to get paid more, not below minimum wage.

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I did write about the possible fare increase proposals the other week.
Personally, I think taxi drivers get a bum deal, but the issue is more about the drivers and the companies that represent them.

I guess I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out, Jen. But I’m unclear on your numbers there: that seems like it’s different from the $2-an-hour listed in the times, or am I misreading it?

This was before the Times fare increase. I’m just arrogantly trying to cover my ass by noting I’ve raised the issue of taxi fares previously. Carry on.

Surely that doesn’t include tips, though. If you assume they drive 5 people an hour and each of those people tips $2 — sounds about right for a 12-minute cab ride — they’re making $12 an hour. Which isn’t to say they’re rolling in it, but it’s a hell of a lot better than $2.

Mary, if you real tip two bucks a ride, you’re a unique, generous New Yorker, indeed. Not to incriminate myself or my friends, but most people I know usually round up and add a dollar.

when more taxis drivers start washing their ass, and staying OFF the cell phone holding long loud conversations, then I’ll cry a tear for them.

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