54 more electoral votes for you next year, sir

bush-arnold.jpgEarlier this week, it was announced that President Bush had raised $49.5 million in just the last three months alone for next year’s campaign. At this rate, he is expected to surpass $200 million with which he can soundly trounce whichever mediocre candidate the Democratic Party nominates to run for president next fall.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish the President much success with his “fuzzy math” endeavors as he gleefully counts the 54 electoral votes handed to him by Governor Schwarzenegger (as well as some very shortsighted voters) in California, as well as the 25 “bonus brethren” points afforded him by Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
Incidentally, regarding his Iraqi victory of yesteryear, one of the choice quotes uttered by the President at his appearance in San Bernardino this afternoon included the liberal-angst-inducing line: “I acted because I am not about to leave the security of the American people in the hands of a madman.”