Trivial Pursuits, part II

The prize for today’s Tuesday Trivia Tournament goes to Cindy, who correctly identified the phrases as the slogan for FOX’s new Joe Millionaire series kicking off next week. Congratulations, Cindy!
But, given the close ties between the G.O.P. and FOX’s parent company, News Corp., the slogan First we lied to America. Now we’re taking on the world! could just as easily be inscribed (in Latin, maybe) on Karl Rove’s stationery. I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking forward to the international fall-out from the new Joe Millionaire: we haven’t exactly been endearing ourselves to our Old European friends of late, and pulling a mean prank on their lovely daughters probably won’t make us any more popular at those Friday afternoon ice cream socials at the United Nations. How will we look Kofi Annan in the eye when we ask for more sprinkles?