Trivial Pursuits

questionmark.gifGood morning! Today I’m trying something new. I’m gonna call this The Tuesday Trivia Tournament (nice, right? took me an hour to come up with it). Answer the below question in the comments area and at the end of the day, I’ll tell you the answer. The winner will receive the First Annual low culture Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of… Excellence! Here goes:
The following statement appeared last week in a magazine (either in an article, headline, or advertisement). Tell me what it refers to and, if possible, who’s behind it:

First we lied to America.
Now we’re taking on the world!

Get those thinking caps on. Bonus points for creative incorrect answers.

3 replies on “Trivial Pursuits”

It is definitely by Fox, but I think it is by their news division as they attempt to use a European subsidiary to convince the EU to invade a country to be named later.
“First we take Manhattan…”

The tag-line on the back of the tour T-shirt for Milli Vanilli’s 10-night stand at Wembley.

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