Best Unintentional (?) critique of Los Angeles

vdgirl.jpgStraight from the slangin’ mouth of Whatevs‘ Uncle Grambo comes this possibly unintentional critique of LA in the guise of a rant against trendy “white trash chic” boutique Von Dutch:
i know that VD is trendy in Los Angeles, but shouldn’t you be following the rest of the civilized world and realizing that Los Angeles fashion trends are nothing more than leftover hand-me-downs from NYC?
Yep, VD sure is trendy in Los Angeles. Even Beck says in a creepy voice, “I can smell the VD in the club tonight” on “Milk & Honey” from his LA-centric 1999 album Midnite Vultures.
Added incentive to link: Britney Spears showing off her VD

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