The perfect comeback, far too late

As the field of 2004 Democratic Presidential hopefuls continues to combatively whittle itself down to a final result of what will probably be one forlorn, battered candidate, the contenders kept at it in last night’s debate, paying particular attention to their dogged pursuit of General Wesley Clark, the supposed pseudo-frontrunner.
Clark’s rivals were primed to attack the man who jumped to a lead in some national polls within days of his entry into the race last month. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and Sens. John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and John Edwards took turns criticizing Clark, attacking him as a late convert to the party who can’t make up his mind on the war.
“Wes Clark, welcome to the Democratic presidential campaign,” Lieberman said sarcastically.

Next time, Wes, we suggest you shoot back with some rejoinder akin to, “Well, Joe, I’m still waiting to welcome you to the Democratic party, myself.”
Zing! Time to pile up on the “centrist” Dems!

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