HINT: Ridiculing actors for their political views no longer works as expected

…Just some advice we thought it prudent to share with Republicans who steadfastly hate the “limousine liberal” crowd. Seriously, Governor Arnold can readily attest to the inefficacy of that (and so can Gay Davis! Har-har, you loveable residents of San Diego!)
After the GOP-led redistricting plan passed in Texas (the battle over which featured all those intra-state flight accusations and hotel hideouts over the past few months), Governor Rick Perry’s flack Gene Acuna snidely tried to dismiss the outspoken behavior of Alec Baldwin:
“Mr. Baldwin’s political views against President Bush and Republicans in general are well known and documented. I have no doubt that Texans will give the comments made by the star of ‘Beetlejuice’ all of the attention they are due.”
Come on. At least “Beetlejuice” was an OK film, directed by Tim Burton in his prime, no less. Go after “Mercury Rising” next time, and you’ll have us all on board.