Cliches and axioms suitable for today’s headlines

1. Rice to Lead Effort To Speed Iraqi Aid
“President Bush announced yesterday that the White House will take a stronger role in overseeing the struggling effort to rebuild Iraq through a new group intended to speed the flow of money and staff to Baghdad and streamline decision-making in Washington…
The new group, to be led by national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and drawn from more than a half-dozen Cabinet agencies, is intended to remove a bottleneck in decision-making by identifying and resolving problems faced by the U.S.-led occupation. Responsibility for running postwar Iraq will remain with the Defense Department, and civilian administrator L. Paul Bremer will retain considerable autonomy.”

That’s like having the fox guard the henhouse!
2. Sharon Threatens to Hit Israel’s Enemies Anywhere
“President Bush insisted on Monday that Israel should not feel constrained in defending itself but said he told Sharon: ‘It’s very important that any action Israel take(s) should avoid escalation and creating higher tensions.'”
Do as I say, and not as I do!
3. Consumer borrowing surged in August
“The Federal Reserve reported Tuesday that consumers increased their borrowing by a seasonally adjusted $8.2 billion, or at a brisk annual rate of 5.2 percent from July to August. That pushed up total consumer debt to $1.96 trillion.”
That’s biting off more than you can chew!