Must be a cat person

dog.jpgFormerly hard-hitting, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jimmy Breslin once again takes on one of the most important issues… well, ever: why he hates dogs:
“[W]e know that dogs walked by their hideous owners on city streets are repugnant. They turn the place where you walk into an outdoor bathroom. They should be curbed, which means they could be out there among the buses. That is no loss as dogs have no souls.”- “Those Bad Dogs,” Newsday, Sept. 21, 2003
Breslin fans may remember he said something similar earlier this year:
“Out on the streets of the city there is the revolting sight of people walking along with their dogs and then bending and picking up after them. They humiliate themselves in public, and I cannot understand why a person, having done this, can walk with his head up and even look you in the eye if he catches you staring…On the same sidewalk, a woman dressed for the business day was bent down and picking up after a dog so small that he deserved to be crushed and the woman, after making such a sight of herself, should have been shunned.”-As quoted by Gawker
It should be noted that Mr. Breslin has had extensive surgery to his brain in the last decade, as if you couldn’t tell.