The World is Yours (for now)

Good morning, rappers and rapper-wannabes! Today is the day to send your men servants (that means you, Farnsworth Bentley!) to J&R to get a copy of the cynically-reissued Scarface 20th Anniversary DVD.
As anyone who’s ever watched an episide of Cribs knows, rappers love the rags-to-riches-to mountains of coke saga of Tony Montana. Heck, just this week mush-mouthed rapper and walking clay pigeon 50 Cent bought Mike Tyson’s Montana-esque 18 bedroom mansion to live out his drug lord fantasies. Yep, rappers love Scarface! My question is, have any of them watched the film all the way to the end? The fall of the House of Montana (its foundation built on coke instead of sand) makes the Hammer Behind the Music seem positively uplifting.

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Farnsworth Bentley is one of the most talented young men I have ever seen on television. I have a feeling everyone should keep a watch out for him. He is GREAT!!! I love his dance moves, his class, his intelligence, and his attitude. He is a “Keeper.”
Mr. Bentley’s Number 1 fan.

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