Overheard at a Bethesda Denny’s

Joe M. Allbaugh: Damnit, man. Everyone and their mother is making money in Iraq and we’re sitting here with our thumbs in our asses!
Edward M. Rogers, Jr.: You found those xeroxes? I was drunk.
Lanny Griffiths: Shut up, you idiot. Joe’s right: we gotta monetize this Iraq thing now!
Joe M. Albaugh: I got an idea. We should start our own company to hook people up with George.
Edward M. Rogers, Jr.: Like a dating service?
Joe M. Albaugh: No, you idiot. A consulting firm.
Lanny Griffiths: That’s a capital idea.
Joe M. Albaugh: Literally!
Rogers and Griffiths laugh
Edward M. Rogers, Jr.: I don’t get it.
Washington Insiders’ New Firm Consults on Contracts in Iraq
New Bridges Strategies.