Fairness and Accuracy in Gossip Reporting

This could be the first recorded case of negative synergy. The bully boys at The New York Post‘s Page Six use today’s lead story to take down Michael Wolff’s any-day-now book Autumn of the Moguls. It comes as no surprise that Wolff, the media columnist and resident big brain at New York magazine is a target for Page Six’s pea-shooters: Wolff won a National Magazine Award for his “This Media Life” column even though they sometimes read like fever ramblings induced by food poisoning at Michael’s (the restaurant, not the guy).
What does come as a surprise is the fact that Wolff’s book is being published by HarperCollins which is owned by News Corp., owners of The Post. Strangely, the HarperCollins Web site has no mention of the book (which has been in the works since 2000) and Page Six felt no need to disclose the connection.