Durst Video Ever

Talk about going from bad to Durst.
According to the Peabody Award winning journalists at MTV News, Halle Berry (who, according to reports, just completed her teary Academy Awards filibuster some two years after she stepped up to the podium at the Kodak Theater) appears in the new Limp Bizkit video. The video, a cover of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” (the Biz boyz couldn’t prevail on Pete Townzhend to let them zpell eyez az they chooze) and is tied to the release of Halle’s latest film, Gothika.
Actors have to do a lot of terrible things to help promote their films, but kissing Fred “EZ-Pass for the Playboy Mansion” Durst on the lips is surely one of the worst. What horrible crime could Berry have committed to deserve such treatment? Oh, yeah. I forgot.
Two quick thoughts about Bizkiteer Durst:
1. When did Fred Durst start to resemble the love child of Art Alexakis and Garth Brooks?
2. When is Fred’s directorial debut hitting theaters already?
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