Fallon Ever Upward

Comedian, Newsman, Actor, Grammy nominee, expert hair-tousler Jimmy Fallon can add a new title to his ever expanding resume: published author. Behold I Hate This Place: The Pessimist’s Guide to Life, co-authored with his sister, Gloria. The book of aphorisms (“When people say ‘Don’t worry about it-this round is on me,’ they really mean: ‘And the next four are going to be on you, dork.'”) is as thin as a razor, but not nearly as sharp.

Who knew that left to his own devices, ladies’ choice Fallon was as unfunny as “Ruminator” Aaron Karo. (Karo, who briefly achieved fame via a fawning New York Post article that dubbed him “a Jewish Chris Rock” makes fellow observational humorist Jerry Seinfeld sound like Socrates. Karo also makes misskayt Seinfeld look like Clark Gable.)
Since the Fallon siblings’ book is all about pessimism, here’s a Web site all about hating Jimmy Fallon.

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