November 13, 2003
Who writes your material?

For as long as celebrity place-holder Carson Daly has been in the public eye, people have been comparing him to Dick Clark. It's practically an article of faith that Daly is the new Clark, so I was surprised to read Mr. Clark taking the words out of Daly's mouth in his interview with The Onion A.V. Club this week. Here's the quote the editors of the A.V. Club saw fit to pull for its cover:

As a storekeeper, you've got to learn what you're going to put on the shelves. That's always been my role, even when I was in my 20s. I was a storekeeper. It didn't reflect my personal tastes or my personal preferences. You just look at the audience, listen to what they want, and put it up there and see if they come in and buy it.

This is nearly identical to something Daly's been saying (and saying, and saying) for years:
"In my other ventures, I'm more like a bartender serving up what people request..." (E! Online)
“If I’m a bartender and somebody orders a lame drink, I’m not going to sit there and knock ’em for it. I’m just serving it." (Las Vegas Weekly)
"It's like I'm a bartender. Someone wants a Zima, and I might think it's kind of an iffy drink, but -- you know what? -- I'm gonna give it to him in a cold glass and hope he gives me a nice tip." (quoted on MetaFilter)
"I'm just the bartender. If you want a cosmopolitan, even if I think it's a pussy drink, I'm not gonna say, "No, have a shot of Jack and a Budweiser." I'm gonna serve a cosmopolitan, take my money, and serve the next guy" (FHM via this site)

Shopkeeper/bartender. What's the difference? I guess 'bartender' is more edgy, like naming your dog Stoli.

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