April 1, 2005

One Word For You: Premium

Remember the party scene in The Graduate where Benjamin Braddock is buttonholed by his father's friend who has one word for him, "Just one word"?

Well, we have one word for you: Premium.

Due to the amazing success of our reader feedback module (you know, the little "Did you find this content useful?" radio buttons that have sprouted up on this site like wild flowers on the side of the highway), we've decided to go premium. Following the successful model of Salon and several other pay-per-view sites, we've implemented a premium area to provide our core readers with the best this site has to offer.

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Just Wild About Geli: The Crazy Days—And Even Crazier Nights—Of the Jet-Set's Newest 'It' Girl

geli.jpgGeli Raubal hates the word 'celebutante.'

"It's not even a real word!" she protests.

When I point out that 'celebutante' is a word—a portmanteau word, in fact, Geli sticks her tongue out playfully and says what she always says when the absurdity of the word flies smack-dab into her flawless, porcelain face: "Pish-posh. What does it mean anyway? That I should get special treatment because I have a famous relative? That I should get into clubs ahead of the line or get free clothes from designers just because of the family I was born into? Pish-posh!"

But like other young ladies in her caste—Paris Hilton, Bijou Phillips, Kimberley Stewart, and the Bush twins come to mind—she does get special treatment and free clothes. She even gets into clubs ahead of the line. All because she's the favorite niece of her famous, well-connected, powerful uncle. And who is her uncle, the man who dotes on her like she's his own? Well, you've certainly heard of him, unless you've been living in a bunker.

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Sloppy Seconds

Fever Pitch, 2005... Other image available to Premium members only

Some ideas are just homeruns!

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  April 1, 2005

Outed: Lewis "Scooter" Libby (Libby? Here, that's shorthand for "conservative")

As Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald puts the finishing touches on his recent efforts to determine a) whether or not a crime was committed two summers prior when the identity of a CIA employee was revealed to the public by a then-unidentified White House source, and b) whether or not Judith Miller and a less well-known reporter for Time magazine will be jailed for their role in masking the source's identity, tongues on Capitol Hill are wagging in gleeful anticipation – but for altogether different reasons than you might have expected.

Why, you ask? Well, White House followers may finally learn the sexuality of the purported informant, Lewis Libby, as other sources in the investigation are revealing that a series of anecdotes indicate that...

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"Dead Wrong", yet oh-so-right

As the commission appointed by the President to assess the failures of the Intelligence community in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq two years ago reported its findings yesterday, noticeably absent from the list of those deemed to be worthy of blame were, of course, the hapless President Bush and his chief advisors. However, some scathing indictments nonetheless crept out of the woodwork and into the otherwise impenetrable bubble that has surrounded the White House for far too long.

Included in this hierarchy of suddenly-shamed former executives and intelligence czars were none other than...

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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, Vol. 41


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