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  April 1, 2004
Correction on that last post

It's not the Guy Sigworth-produced track, but the Moby one, where Britney sings about 'early mornings" or whatnot. And I don't think Moby has worked with Bjork, ever, so I recant what I said before. Maybe if Bjork were roughly 20 years old and looked like Natalie Portman or Nelly Furtado, then Moby'd work her over, if you know what I mean, but from what I can tell, she's devoted to the video artist Matthew Barney now.

Incidentally, Spike Jonze, wunderkind uberdirector, did a delightful music video last year featuring a very pregnant Bjork, which leads me to believe that she is no longer "with child."

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Toxic for Toxic

My co-worker in the next office over is listening to Britney Spears' "Toxic" again...again!. Then when the CD gets to the Guy Sigworth-produced track with the harpsichord, he rewinds it again, and it's "Toxic" once more. I think he has an aversion to producers who have worked with Bjork, perhaps.

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Calm, Supercool and Collected

jack_white.jpgJack White (not to be confused with Jack Black, natch), aka The Coolest Man Alive, has apparently caught the acting bug. First came his appearance in the Acadamy Award nominated film Cold Mountain, now he's appearing in the new movie from Jim Jarmusch, another cool man alive. Cigarettes and Coffee is coming out this spring. From the trailers, it looks like White is hanging out, smoking the aforementioned cigarettes and drinking the aforementioned coffee with his sister/ex-wife (which is it?) Meg White, one of the hottest indie rockers this side of Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a truly Buzzworthy band.

Speaking of which, another supercool band *stellastar (that's not a typo btw, that's the way it's spelled) seems to be gathering a lot of steam themselves. They haven't hit the Buzzworthy tip yet, but it's definitely going to happen soon. After getting a glowing writeup in yesterday's New York Post, could a glowing review from New York Times tastemaker/supercool midget Neil Strauss be far behind? It's only a matter of time, kids.

And speaking of uncool, I had another dream about Alan Alda last night. How uncool is that?

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WTF Alert

Did you see this thing in the New York Press about the 50 most loathsome New Yorkers? For some reason Choire Sicha of Gawker was listed as the 15th most annoying New Yorker in the world. I couldn't believe the entry after I read it either. His name is pronounced Corey?

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Super Dave

chappelle.jpgAnother Wednesday night, another Chapelle's Show. Has anyone else seen this thing? It's insanely funny. Truly nothing is sacred for this guy. His liberal use of the N-word (that's n***er, or *igg**), the sexually explicit content, and lots of laughs -- this guy is definitely not Politically Correct. Chapelle is apparently a man from the streets. And he takes that voice of the streets and he puts it on Comedy Central. Except he takes that urban sensibility and makes it both funny and non-threatening.

On last night's episode he made fun of Nelson Mandela and Sally Jesse Raphael all in one sketch. I'd like to see the Harvard geniuses/pussies (white) over at Saturday Night Live manage to do that one. This guy is the definition of edgy with a capital E, which I guess makes him Edgy.

For me actually, some of the stuff Chapelle does occasionally make me pretty uncomfortable. If I were watching last night's episode with my gay, black, or gay black friends, I might not have laughed quite as loud as I did. But damn I laughed (I was alone). This is one guy who's still flying under the radar but won't be for long. My prediction is that Dave Chapelle's going to hit big and hit soon. You heard it on low culture first.

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Suprise, Surprise

mitchell.jpgSpeaking of black people, did anyone else realize that Elvis Mitchell, the New York Times film reviewer, is black? That's a picture of him to the left -- definitely black, right? When I heard that, I was just as surprised as when I learned that another New York Times film reviewer, A.O. (aka Tony) Scott, is actually film director Ridley Scott's brother. And that Tony Scott is a director himself!

While the New York Times is busy forcing harmless food critics to reveal that Jean-Georges Vongehsomething blurbed her book, why isn't anyone making Tony Scott reveal that he's the guy who directed The Last Boy Scout and is now making presumably conflict-of-interest-less reviews? And, he's English. Clearly, the master's house is still burning.

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Apple of My Ass

hungover.jpgEcch, I'm so hungover at my cubicle right now, I don't think I'll manage many posts today. I'm not even sure how I'm going to manage today's workload at the anonymous investment banking firm where I am employed. At this point all I know is, when you've had four apple martinis, you should never opt for the fifth. That's the last time I go out with Jeep and his friends on a school night. I think I broke something in my brain.

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El Coincidencio

So I'm taking the L train to work this morning and I could swear that I was sitting next to this girl I met at Max Fish on Saturday.

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Back to the Future

queereye_carson.jpgEl Pidio and I have become obsessed with playing a game we have tentatively titled, "Where will they be in the future?" The game borrows its structure from that "Where Are They Now?" show that Pids and I haven't been able to turn off. But the idea is that you're playing "Where are they now?" twenty years in the future. Which of today's stars are bound to fall off the face of the earth? And where will they be?

Here are some of our ideas for where some stars will be in 20 years. Feel free to contribute your own.

"Queer" Carson -- Doing his own show in Branford
Paris Hilton -- Doing her own show in Branford
Donald Trump -- Still firing people!
Pam Anderson -- Astronaut
Simon Cowell -- Crazy homeless person
That guy from "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance" -- Car Salesman

And here's where they'll probably be in fifty years:

"Queer" Carson -- Dead
Paris Hilton -- Dead
Donald Trump -- Still firing people!
Pam Anderson -- Dead
Simon Cowell -- Dead
That guy from "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance" -- Dead

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