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a mere line, gentlemen.
Underworld as Lemon Interupt.

Dirty/Minneapolis, 1992.

12inch- JBO 7-12
1. Dirty
2. Minneapolis
3. Minneapolis Airwaves

12inch- UK JBO promo ???
1. Dirty
2. Minneapolis

Bigmouth/Eclipse, 1992.

12inch- JBO12
1. Bigmouth
2. Eclipse

Minneapolis Airwaves, 1993

LP- Twitch TW-LP-10
CD- Twitch TW-CD-10
1. Minneapolis Airwaves (Jim Hopkins remix) 5.16

Bigmouth/Dirty, 1995.

12inch- JBO 1005 (re-issue)
1. Bigmouth
2. Dirty

Gimme 5, 1994.

CA- Melody Maker, 5 March 94
1. Dirty

Junior Boy's Own-Collection, 1994.

1. Bigmouth 10.09

The Trip Hop Test, 1994.

CD- MM 80021-2 Moonshine Records
CA- MM 80021-4
1. Minneapolis 4.47 (edit)

Progressive House Classics, 1996.

CD- FIRM CD01, Firm Records
1. Bigmouth

Abduction, 1996.

2xCD- SCD2
1. Dirty

a mere line, gentlemen.
Underworld and Tomato.
"Mmm... skyscraper I love you: a typographic journey of New York"
by Karl Hyde and John Warwicker.
Booth Clibborn Editions, Oct 1994.
ISBN 1873968 582
Distributed by Internos Books, 12 Percy St. London, w1p 9fb, UK ph: 0171 637 4255, fax: 0171 637 4251
InterArt Paris, 1 rue l'est, 75020 Paris.

Underworld Kiteless: A tomato project, tomato/underworld video anthology:
rez, spikee, spoonman, dark train, most 'ospitable, cowgirl, oich oich, dirty epic.

available through:
Jukes Productions.
63 Sutherland Avenue
W9 2HF
Telephone 0171 286 9532 Fax 0171 286 4739

Videos also exist for the following: dark & long, born slippy.NUXX (short) (in both UK and US versions, the latter with scenes from trainspotting added), pearls girl, and banstyle.

Also: "Process", a print compilation of the efforts and individual projects of tomato's members. A cd-rom has been released, "Anti-ROM," which covers the various multimedia productions of the group. If you have shockwave installed, proceed to this macromedia-enhanced site, www.antirom.com.

tomato on the web:

In addition to the antirom site listed above, there are a scant few online resources: tomato at levi's-europe; another informational site is located at mind the gap, and a sample commercial can be downloaded here.
"curious pictures", a promotional tomato/underworld videocassette featuring video clips and advertisement highlights.


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