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Jean-Paul Tremblay

Sincerity, particularly in the context of viewing David Gordon Green films, has never been a Tremblay strong suit, but let's have a go at it:

Studied media, race, politics, and culture under a wonderfully inspirational man, K. Anthony Appiah, until graduating from college with an undergraduate degree in, ah, fuck it. Had a music video air as part of the 1998 Resfest Digital Film Festival, even though it was shot entirely on 16mm film and was in no way digital (shhh). Interned for almost a year under this guy named Clinton, though don't go thinking that this implies an endorsement of welfare reform or that whole thing with Rwanda. Sold and developed a half-hour comedy series for MTV in 1999, but nothing ever came of that, which is kind of predictable, really. Independent of that fiasco, interviewed a whole mess of musicians, ranging from DJ Shadow and the Chemical Brothers to Moby, who, at the time of his interview in 1999, wasn't very knowledgeable about current news events, to the best of this writer's recollection. Makes one wonder about the merits of having him endorse

Notably, Monsieur Tremblay really likes "leftism", be it a political mindset, or the title of a fairly good mid-'90s album by the since-disbanded British dance act Leftfield.

Writing in the third person like this is fucking ridiculous.

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Matt Haber

When not at work on his blogdungsroman, Looking for My Missing Link, Matt Haber writes about film, TV, books, celebrities, and other disposable commodities for The New York Times, Nerve, and Esquire, and other nice publications for the nice people.

He has previously written for Spin, Salon, Wired, Entertainment Weekly, New York, SPY, and VIBE. He has also produced Web sites for The Simpsons (see also: and and The New TNN, which went and renamed itself Spike TV for some reason.

But what he really wants to do is direct.

Online clips:

A One-Man Band Who Created an Oeuvre, The New York Times ‘Arts & Leisure’

“Dubious Achievement Awards 2004”, Esquire, contributor (sub. required)

Dispatches from a World Gone Wonderfully Wrong, The New York Times ‘Arts & Leisure’ (fee required)

Polyester Bribe, (reg. required)

Die Metrosexual Die!, (reg. required)

Tibor Kalman obituary,

Rap Dot Com, Wired

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Guy Cimbalo

Guy Cimbalo is a former minor league baseball player with the Kannapolis Intimidators. He currently lives in New York.

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Design and Mega-Media Production HQ

Launched in 1998, low culture has produced, designed, displayed, and broadcast a whole range of capitalist commodities, including websites for gargantuan corporations and LP sleeves and CD cases for Los Angeles-area record labels. A whole lot more information is available here.

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